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Michelle Kast

Artist member since 2021
Mississauga, Ontario

It can be incredibly daunting and difficult to write about yourself, so lets start with a few descriptive words; I'm a Mother, an artist, a love lover, word collector, modern witch, travelling photographer, treasure hunter. I'm in love with communication and storytelling, especially through visuals. I can't say no to a good black and white photo, a good book, or good denim. I have been a photographer for many, many, (many) years and currently shoot both digital and film with equal fondness. I am paint primarily with watercolour, but the majority of my works are mixed media because I enjoy playing with depth and texture. I also have a background of graphic design/digital art, and deeply love vintage graphic t-shirts. ​ A few last strange and contradicting things about me to leave you with: I am a serious introvert (INFJ for those who know) who loves socializing and public speaking, am incredibly nurturing but cannot keep a plant alive (working on this, don't tell my plants), and a morning person who does her best work at night.


Inside the Studio


Best season of the year in Toronto

I honestly don't mind any of the seasons (even winter, gasp!) - but Fall is the ultimate season.

Favourite book

Currently: The Alchemist, The Midnight Library, The Girl with The Louding Voice

Coffees per day and from where

2 Iced Oat Lattes, and I would rather make them myself!

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

We all need to get a little weird and connect to what makes us feel something.

What artists do you admire right now?

Dalia Elcharbini, Ole Aakjaer, Agnes Cecile, Sara Detweiler

When did you start making art, and why?

My entire life has been creation (but painting with consistency, 2018)

Select Past Exhibitions

Freedom Factory Gallery, Toronto
YES for Womxns Day


The Tampered Press, Toronto


OBJX Studio, Toronto
If I Had a Heart


The Tampered Press, Toronto


IQOS, Toronto
Fire + Ice

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